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Mrs Robinson

Class Teacher


Miss Carson

Teaching Assistant


Mrs Lawrence

Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Year 6

Class Information:
  • It is important for pupils in Year 6 to complete regular homework as this enables them to develop a good homework routine before moving to High School.

  • Homework will vary throughout the year as during the Spring term it will be based largely on revision for SATs.

  • Homework will be set on Thursdays and Fridays and be due back into school the following Monday.

  • Pupils own independent reading is also encourage and will be very beneficial if this continues at home.

  • Most pupils will not read individually to the teacher in Year 6 but are encouraged to read frequently at home.

  • Guided reading in groups and whole class reading books are used in class.

  • Much of the reading in Year 6 is based on reading comprehension activities.

  • Times are dependent on the term.

  • Games will always take place on a Friday.

  • Swimming will be on Wednesdays during the Autumn term.

Classroom Routines:
  • In the Autumn term Year 6 will take part in the full curriculum of all subjects.

  • In Spring Term lessons focus largely on revision for SATs but we also focus on other subjects as well.

  • In the Summer Term after SATs activities are based around leaving and moving on to High School.

  • Pupils are encouraged to bring their own equipment where possible as this will again be good practice for High school.