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Meet The Staff


Mrs Coates

Class Teacher


Teaching Assistant 

Miss Moores

      Welcome to Year 2

Welcome to Year 2
  • We would like to familiarise you with how things work in Year 2 so you can support your child in their learning and encourage them to be organised and independent at school.

Support in Year 2

  • Teaching and learning Assistant –Miss Moores

  • Homework will vary and take many forms including posters, maths practice, model making, independent research, video, online games, teach the class, practice and recall sheets. It will be given out every Friday and expected to be completed and handed in by the following Thursday. The purpose of any work sent home is to consolidate, revise and extend work done in class. Later this half term Spellings will also be sent home to learn. In the Spring Term, depending on government requirements and arrangements for Assessment, homework will start to take on a different format in preparation for KS 1 Standard Assessment and will include Times tables.

  • Phonics teaching continues in Year 2, following the 'Little Wandle' phonics programme.

  • In Year 2 our reading continues to follow the Little Wandle programme, before moving on to more advanced books. We have a reading diary which provides valuable communication between parent/carer and teacher, and helps us to consistently monitor your child’s progress so it should always be in school on the allocated day. It is expected that children read at home for at least 10-15 minutes every day in addition to reading time and activities at school. When a reading book has been read and discussed at home and school and the reading diary signed, it can be changed by the teacher on their reading day. Please note an additional and extensive Reading Log for each child is kept for ongoing Assessment purposes. Therefore, the home reading diary will just be acknowledged with a signature and dojo reward. 
  • PE is on Tuesday and Thursday. On Tuesday, your child should come to school wearing their kit. Please can you ensure your child brings a full PE kit into school on Thursday and that it is clearly labelled with your child’s name. 

Class Dojo
  • Dojo continues to be an effective platform for communication between home and school- sharing class news, homework and messaging between parent and teacher. Please can absences be reported to the office and not to dojo. Please can we ask that you only message between the hours of 8am and 5pm. Please note that messages received during school hours may not be replied to straight away due to teaching commitments.

  • PSHE – As part of our personal development and in striving to become more independent in Year 2 we learn about ourselves as a person, how to get on with other people, how to stay healthy and lots more to keep us safe and help us learn. 

  • Internet Safety – In Year 2 we teach children about the dangers of the internet and social media in class but cannot monitor what goes on at home or on the way home. As part of the collaboration between teacher and parent, we ask that parents/carers monitor their children so that they are protected from and monitored for issues such as cyberbullying, sexting, inappropriate language and other dangers of social media presence.

  • Hola! On Wednesdays, the children will be having a Spanish lesson with our MFL teacher Mrs Broadgate.

  • School Trips - A school trip will be organised for the Summer Term, details of which will be provided nearer the time. We also have the Pantomime to look forward to at Christmas.

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