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Meet The Staff

Class Teacher


Mrs Allen


Miss Hollis

Mrs Fox

Teaching Assistant

Welcome to Year 1

  • We are Mrs Allen and Mrs Fox, the Year 1 teachers. We are supported by Miss Hollis and Mrs Nixon, our Teaching Assistants. I, Mrs Allen, will be teaching the class on Monday and Tuesday, and Mrs Fox will teach the rest of the week. We would like to take this opportunity to familiarise you with how things work in Year 1 so that you can help your child to be prepared for the school day and encourage them to become more independent as well as supporting them on their learning journey.

  • Homework will be given out on a Friday, this will either be a consolidation activity linked to previous learning or a mini project based on our topic, and should be completed and returned by the following Thursday.

  • Spellings will also be given out every Friday to be tested the following Friday. It is important that your child practises their spellings daily.

  • We follow Little Wandle for phonics. Your child will continue to be taught phonics on a daily basis. The spellings that the children will receive as part of their homework will be linked to their phonics. Phonics mats will be sent home for children to keep so that they can practise their sounds.

  • In Year One we listen to the children read on a regular basis, following the Little Wandle scheme.

  • We also enjoy reading for pleasure and sharing stories together.

  • Our PE days are Tuesday and Friday. Please can you ensure your child brings a full PE kit into school on Tuesday and that it is clearly labelled with your child’s name. Earrings should be removed for PE. PE kits will be sent home the same day so that on Friday children can come into school wearing their PE kit.

Additional Information:​
  • We place a big emphasis on children working independently as well as collaboratively within lessons.

  • Children are provided with all of the equipment that they may need for their lessons so there is no need for them to bring pencil cases in.

  • Drinks - Please ensure your child has a water bottle in school and that it is clearly labelled. Children are allowed to drink from this throughout the day and it can be refilled from the water fountain – please note juice is not permitted in the classroom.

  • Snack - In Year 1 the children no longer have milk provided but are provided with fruit at morning break. 

  • Please can you discourage children from bringing games, toys or other possessions into school other than if asked. We cannot look for broken, swapped or lost possessions.


  • Dojo continues to be an effective platform for communication between home and school; sharing class news, homework and messaging between parent and class teacher. Please can we ask that you only message between the hours of 8am and 5pm. Please note that messages received during school hours may not be replied to straight away due to teaching commitments. 

Curriculum Information:
  • Each term's topics can be found on the curriculum map below.

  • Handwriting - We continue to work on consolidating correct letter formation. A laminated handwriting mat will be sent home in due course so that your child can practise the correct letter formation at home too.

  • PSHE – As part of our personal development and in striving to become more independent in Year 1 we learn about ourselves as a person, how to get on with other people, how to stay healthy and lots more to keep us safe and help us learn.

  • Internet Safety – In light of the above, schools (and our school) teach children about the dangers of the internet and social media in class but cannot monitor what goes on at home or on the way home. As part of the collaboration between teacher and home, we ask that parents/carers monitor their children so that they are protected from and monitored for issues such as cyber-bullying, sexting, inappropriate language and other dangers of social media presence.

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