What is the Early Years Foundation Stage?


The EYFS is fun, messy, exciting, interesting and most of all, where we

build children’s confidence and independence to be the best that they can

be.  The curriculum is based around “Development Matters” and we foster

each child’s individual development in a number of areas, with personal,

social and emotional development, physical development and

communication and language at the centre.

We teach key skills in reading, writing, phonics and maths and our overall

aim is to develop a lifelong love of learning. The children in the EYFS are: 

investigators, friends, actors, scientists, artists, mathematicians, authors,

illustrators and much more!

Our outside classroom is integral to our teaching and learning. Outside our

children are able to express themselves and learn and apply their learning

in bigger, louder and more expressive ways.

Early Years Curriculum

The intent of the curriculum provided in our Early Years is rooted in a solid understanding of child development. We have a practical and

                                                                       playful approach through which we teach and develop children’s characteristics of effective

                                                                       learning. We deliver high quality direct teaching in phonics, reading, writing and maths, where

                                                                       we develop their knowledge and skills and give them the confidence to apply these within their

                                                                       independent learning. Through our engaging environment and high quality adult interactions,

                                                                      we encourage all our children to explore and develop their curiosity. 


                                                                     The EYFS Framework exists to support all professionals working in the EYFS to help your child,

                                                                     and was developed with a number of early years experts and parents.

                                                                     At William Amory we use ‘Development Matters’ to support our assessment and planning of

                                                                     learning for our children. Our curriculum consists of a wide variety of topics and includes the

                                                                     opportunities for children to explore their own interests.


  The E.Y.F.S. has 4 themes. These are:

1   A Unique Child

2   Positive Relationships

3   Enabling Environments

4   Learning and Development

Your child will be learning skills, acquiring new knowledge and demonstrating their understanding through 7 areas of learning and development.

Children should mostly develop the 3 prime areas first. These are:

1. Communication and language

2. Physical development

3. Personal, social and emotional development


As children grow, the prime areas will help them to develop skills in 4 specific areas. These are:

1. Literacy;

2. Mathematics;

3. Understanding the world; and

4. Expressive arts and design


Each of the 7 areas of learning has its own set of

Early Learning Goals’ which determine what most

children are expected to achieve by the end of

Reception Class.

Monitoring Progress

We use Development matters to identify the

developing knowledge, skills, understanding and

attitudes that children will need if they are to

achieve the early learning goals by the end of the

EYFS. These statements will be updated regularly

throughout the year to show your child’s

development and areas where they need further



The first few weeks

We will find out what the children already know &

can do & use this information to help us develop

an individual learning programme for each child.

We would value any contributions you would like

to make in helping us get to know your child’s

needs. You will be invited to discuss your child’s

progress & adjustment to school within the first



Pre-school Visit

You will be  invited to bring your child to school for a series of visits in the Summer Term 2021. This enables them to familiarise themselves with the classroom, staff members and their new environment.