Nothing beats a tour of a school when it's open and the children are busy working away. You get a real idea of the family we are so proud of and you get to see the classes in action. 

But we can't always do that.


So to give you an idea we have produced this virtual tour to give you a taste of the school. Please note that it is only a taste. For obvious reasons our classrooms are child free. You will also notice that they are unusually laid out because as you will no doubt realise, this page was set up during lockdown.

Please explore those links to see more about our school. 

school outline01.jpg

Please select any of the links in the map above or alongside to find out more about the school.

We hope you understand that we prefer to spend our budget on reading books than on slick PR videos with an equally slick price tag. 

You will also notice that some areas of the school are unusually laid out. These were as a result of the Covid measures we had in place at the time of filming.

Virtual Tour of the School

Welcome from the Headteacher


I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting this page and showing an interest in our school. 

We are all rightly proud of the family feel we have created in our nursery and school and would like nothing more than to have you visit so you can experience it for yourselves. 

But circumstances mean this can't happen.


So I welcome you to our virtual tour. We hope you get a taste for the school as best you can but please do bear in mind that children breathe life into every part of the school and that life can't be captured in short video clips of empty learning spaces so I hope you can imagine it instead.

All of us at The William Amory share a goal with our parents. Together we aim to continue the drive towards ensuring that every child in our care can reach their full potential. Towards giving the children the courage to challenge themselves and be confident in who they are. Towards excellence - whether that be in the classroom, on the stage, the sports field  or anywhere else.


I hope you choose to join us so that together we can see your child grow and blossom.


Mr Bruce Wilken