Nothing beats a tour of a school when it's open and the children are busy working away. You get a real idea of the family we are so proud of and you get to see the classes in action. 

This year we are hoping to be able to take you on a live tour of the school. Our best recommendation would be at 09.15 when you will get to see the children in action. But we do offer a 18.00 tour for those who can't make the working day.


At the moment, we are unsure if schools will need to return to some form of infection control. Obviously, if that does happen will attempt a virtual tour as well as the videos on offer below. 

Hopefully though, we will be able to open the school to visitors for the first time in 2 years. Fingers crossed.

Please explore those links to see more about our school. 

school outline01.jpg

Please select any of the links in the map above or alongside to find out more about the school.

We hope you understand that we prefer to spend our budget on reading books than on slick PR videos with an equally slick price tag. 

You will also notice that some areas of the school are unusually laid out. These were as a result of the Covid measures we had in place at the time of filming.

Open Day September 2021