Fashion day

The children had to design and create fashion statements before striking a pose on the catwalk. Parents and paparazzi were invited of course. Sewing, design and art were very much part of this theme.

Middle Earth Week.

The children took part in a circus of events – from archery to fencing; from caving to spells and potions. We had a performance of The Hobbit in school and the children took part in other dramas based on the hobbit.

Garden Designs

Using Tom’s Midnight Garden as inspiration, we challenged the children to come up with a design for a plot of land that we weren’t using much. The children had to think about its function, cost out any structures and develop a planting scheme.
Members of the community, from Councillors to builders and suppliers (well, there’s always a hope of sponsorship or discounts isn’t there) to the church and locals were invited. Secret votes were taken and the winners have seen their designs put into reality.
Other themes have included themes such as  The Olympics and Famous People.



Theme Weeks


We try to ensure that the children get a balanced curriculum. Obviously reading, writing and numeracy are essential, as are scientific enquiry and physical education. But we also think that school is about a love of learning. And that is where our theme weeks come in.
Every term we have a theme week. The whole school take part, creating, experiencing and enjoying unusual topics and themes. They last all week and the whole curriculum is devoted to that topic.
Amongst others we have had: