The Broader Curriculum

We believe that Primary School is about developing a love of learning and life without forgetting the essentials of reading, writing and maths. To this end we aim to balance academic learning with the development of the whole child, in partnership with our parents. Our Charter (link here) sets out how we aim to achieve this. In summary, however, 

Throughout our teaching, we try to ensure that the children are motivated to learn more; that the teaching is both stimulating and rewarding and that it takes place in a friendly, comfortable and safe environment. As a result our attendance is good and, “. Pupils benefit from a rich and engaging curriculum that pays careful attention to their academic and personal development. Pupils enjoy a wide range of extra-curricular opportunities. As many as 40 pupils are in the school’s key stage 2 choir and the school football team is currently top of the local league..” (Ofsted 2017).

Some recent events we have undertaken include:

  • Garden Design Week ended in a competition where pupils put forward ideas about how to develop our school grounds. Funding has been negotiated with local businesses after they were invited to hear ideas from the children.

  • Middle Earth Week was the culmination of our work on the hobbit. Children handled swords, took part in fencing, archery and similar Middle Earth like activities before watching a fantastic performance given by M&M Theatre production.

  • Our choir have taken part in numerous out of school events including at The Victoria Hall, the High School and Lichfield Catherdral.

  • Our Fashion week saw many future models walking down the catwalk and striking a pose. Luckily there was no diva behaviour, just good fun.

  • A whole school trip to the seaside, Chester Zoo and Alton Towers, which ended in a very wet headteacher when his whole group decided to gang up on him.

  • Residential trips in Year 5 and 6 to Standon Bowers.

  • As well as many other trips, events and visitors, from Science days at the local High School, to Roman Soldiers visiting to river surveys in the Peak District.


Our school prides itself on the wide variety of after school clubs available. We are part of two school sp0rts leagues, The Blythe Bridge and The Cheadle and District Sports Associations. This allows us to extend the range of sports opportunities that the children encounter, offering twice the options of either group.

In addition to sports and other events, we offer the following clubs at some point during the year.

    • Art Club

    • Athletics

    • Board games

    • Choir

    • Craft club

    • Cricket

    • Circuit training

    • Dance

    • Football

    • Model making

    • Multiskills

    • Netball

    • Pony club

    • Rugby

    • School Radio

    • Tennis

We have taken part in football, rugby, netball, athletics and cricket tournaments and have, over the past two year won the cup for cross country, rugby and netball as well as coming a creditable top three in athletics.

Working Together

William Amory pupils are given opportunities to work independently as well as in groups. Balance is an important factor in our teaching as we believe children need to develop self reliance as well as how to work with others developing and extending ideas.

As teachers, we are very aware how valuable teaching is to understanding. Teachers often say that they only really learned how to do things such as division when they started teaching it.
And for that reason we schedule shared learning sessions where pupils set aside time to act as teacher. This can be with children from the same year, Key Stage, different Key Stages and even with the high school.