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The Broader Curriculum

We believe that Primary School is about developing a love of learning and life as well as developing the essentials of reading, writing and maths. To this end we aim to balance academic learning with the development of the whole child, in partnership with our parents and carers. 

Throughout our teaching, we try to ensure that the children are motivated to learn more; that the teaching is both stimulating and rewarding, and that it takes place in a friendly, comfortable and safe environment. 

Additionally, we support learning with a variety of visits and experiences. For example, residential trips in Year 6 to Standon Bowers, visiting Chester to learn about the Romans; visiting the Stone Centre to learn about rocks and soils; singing with Young Voices  in Birmingham; visits to the local High school for special events and a whole school visit to the Regent Theatre to see the pantomime at Christmas. Year 4 take part in the North West Drama Shakespeare Festival - this year they will be performing Macbeth at the New Vic Theatre.


We offer a variety of extra curricular clubs, such as Sound Waves Choir, Sports Club, Recorder Club, Coding Club, Comic Club and Sudoku Club. We are part of two school sports leagues, The Blythe Bridge and The Cheadle and District Sports Associations. This allows us to extend the range of sports opportunities that the children encounter.

We take part in tournaments for football, rugby, netball, athletics, cricket, handball, dodgeball and swimming.

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