Sports Funding for Schools 2018/2019


The funding for 18/19 is nominally set at £16500.  Please see below:

  • Little Sports Coaching provide the pupils with tuition, after school activities and the staff with teaching resources for their continuing professional development to the sum of £7364. In addition, we have pooled with local schools to provide sports competitions to increase participation in sporting events. This is an annual cost of around £500.

  • Football A team CADSSA league (approx 15 matches);

  • Football B team CADSSA league (approx 9 matches);

  • Football A team BBSSA league (approx 6 matches);

  • Football B team BBSSA league (approx 6 matches);

  • Rugby A team CADSSA tournament (approx 5 matches);

  • Rugby B team CADSSA tournament (approx 5 mathces);

  • Rugby B team BBSSA tournament (approx 5 matches);

  • Netball A team CADSSA league and tournament (approx 12 matches);

  • Netball A team BBSSA tournament (approx 6 matches);

  • Cross Country CADSSA league (approx 5 events);

  • Cross Country BBSSA tournament (approx 2 events);

  • Volleyball BBSSA tournament (approx 5 matches);

  • Athletics CADSSA track and field event;

  • Athletics BBSSA track and field event;

  • Cricket CADSSA league (approx 6 matches);

  • Rounders CADSSA league (approx 6 matches);

  • Rounders BBSSA tournament (approx 3 matches);

  • Dance BBSSA competition;

  • Gymnastics CADSSA competition for Key Stage II.

Sports premium has allowed us to retain this level of sporting activity for this year and future years to come.

In addition:

  • the school provides professional coaching for Cricket, tennis, volleyball and basketball;

  • Every class with the exception of Reception receives a term’s worth of swimming lessons;

  • The school is effective at sport and it is our intention to continue this heritage;

  • PE is taught in school to national time requirements.

  • Plaground games instructor – £3800

  • Anomaly sports software – £1400

Further expenditure includes the following:

  • Resources for playgrounds – £1470

  • Outdoor adventurous activities – £1650

  • Educational resources for PE and similar – £530

  • Additional staffing – £2300

  • Additional PE coaching and CPD – £1100

The sum total spent in 18/19 from Sports Premium is £20,114 (includes the carry forward from last year).

Further Statutory Information

The percentage of children who can swim at least 25 metres in Year 6 is 90%
Use a range of strokes effectively: 90%
Perform safe self-rescue in the water: 18%