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Reception Class

What We Have Been Up To This Term

Summer Term 1


The children have been excited and engaged in their learning about our topic for this term - Dinosaurs. They have read fiction and non-fiction texts to further their learning and applied this knowledge to their roleplay and work within the class. The children have used their IT skills to label a dinosaur of their choosing and have shown a keen interest and enthusiasm for the whole topic. 

Volcanic Eruption

As part of our Dinosaur topic, Reception got to take part in a science experiment where they made a volcano erupt. They looked at the chemical reaction between vinegar (an acid) and baking soda (a carbonate), mixed with washing up liquid and red food colouring. The children watched on in amazement as the volcano bubbled and erupted with homemade lava, leading to the extinction of the toy dinosaurs. 

Dinosaur Art

Reception have created some fantastic art inspired by their dinosaur topic. The children have used different materials to produce their art pieces - even using macaroni to imitate dinosaur bones.


The children learnt about where dinosaur bones have been found all over the world. They then went on a dinosaur bone hunt for themselves in the KS1 garden. Once the children had found all the bones and identified where they were found - they created a map of the area and marked where each bone was found to keep a record of their findings.


Reception have enjoyed using the measuring skills they have been learning and applying them to our dinosaur topic by measuring dinosaur bones, toys and fossils. 

Our Class Displays

Have a look at all the hard work we have put into our class displays, to show off what we have learnt and created throughout the term.

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