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Reception Class

What We Have Been Up To This Term

Spring Term 2

The Rainforest

Reception have been learning about the rainforest. They have looked at the different levels of the rainforest and what animals they may find there. They have also been listening to the story Little Mouse Deer and using it in their own writing and drama reenactments. 

World Book Day

As part of World Book Day, Reception children dressed up at their favourite book characters and took part in many different book related activities throughout the day. The children had a fantastic day.


The children have been busy over the past couple of weeks creating beautiful cards, designing and painting their own colourful eggs and making rice krispies cakes with some seasonal decorations.

Parachute Fun

Reception took advantage of the fantastic weather and spent some time outside with the rainbow parachutes as part of their physical education. They learnt how to control the parachutes and manipulate them to bounce and keep a ball on them for as long as they could. They used their listening skills throughout and found different ways to move with and under the parachute. 

Our Class Displays

Have a look at all the hard work we have put into our class displays, to show off what we have learnt and created throughout the term.

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