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Reception Class

What We Have Been Up To This Term

Spring Term 1

Jack Frost

Reception have been learning about Jack Frost and experiencing what the cold weather has to offer and how it affects our environment. They have looked at speech, developed their descriptive language, created beautiful art pieces and investigated how to melt ice the quickest. 

Arctic and Antarctic

The children have been looking at the geography around the Arctic and Antarctic and learning about the different animals and people that live there. They have read different non-fiction texts about the continents and the animals there and looked at some fictional stories based in the Arctic and Antarctic. The children really enjoyed writing facts about their favourite animal and learning the penguin dance song.

Ice Science Experiment

Reception have been investigating the different ways to melt ice and hypothesizing what they think will happen to the ice. They guessed which way would be the quickest and the slowest to melt. Then they carried out the experiment and observed the ice to see if they were correct. 

Our Class Displays

Have a look at all the hard work we have put into our class displays, to show off what we have learnt and created throughout the term.

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