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Reception Class

What We Have Been Up To This Term

Autumn Term 1

Reception's First Week

Reception had a lovely first, full week and settled in really well. They have been exploring their new environment and creating new friendships. The children have been brilliant and adapted quickly to our new routines.

We look forward to our adventure together.

The Rainbow Fish

Reception have been learning all about The Rainbow Fish. The children have shared their ideas on sharing and have done many different craft activities surrounding the book. The children have used their motor skills to manipulate clay to create their very own sea creature and honed their weaving skills to create their own shiny rainbow fish. They have also created hand print fish for our display and worked in pairs on the class computer to design and create their own Rainbow Fish on our digital painting software.


Reception have been learning all about the seasons and in particular - Autumn. We have been reading stories such as: Leaf Man by Lois Ehlert and We're Going on a Leaf Hunt by Steve Metzger. Reception welcomed Owl Craft Forest School to show us how we can use the outdoors safely. The children had a fantastic afternoon outside learning how to build a shelter out of sticks and leaves correctly, tying the overhand knot, knowing what to wear for different weathers and using different types of plants for different tasks. The children enjoyed making use of the outside to create their very own Leaf Man. Over the weeks the children have shown great interest and excitement in all things Autumn. They have loved hunting for that special leaf, acorns and conkers. 

Our Class Displays

Have a look at all the hard work we have put into our class displays, to show off what we have learnt and created throughout the term.

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