Pupil Premium for Schools

Please find Pupil Premium Strategy, spending and grant allocation for Year 2020/2021 here


The school uses pupil premium to support eligible children in the following ways: additional Teaching Assistant support; intervention support, namely William Amory Reading Programme, Sir Kit’s Quest, Phonological Awareness Tests and individual booster sessions; Nurture group support five afternoons a week; administrational support in order to maximise effective support. Pupil Premium allocation for current academic year – allocation for Pupil Premium this year is nominally £30,040.

The school is effective in closing the gap between Pupil Premium and non Pupil Premium children. Ofsted have recognised The William Amory as effective in our use of Pupil Premium, “The school has successfully narrowed the gaps in achievement of all pupils and for those who are known to be eligible for extra funding (the pupil premium).

Breakdown of costs:

  • PSTA £8,610

  • TA PP Support (additional hours over classes) £12,400

  • Additional costs Booster & Nurture £7,090

  • £28,100

End of School data for 18/19 (last national data set) is as follows:

Reading attainment for FSM (disadvantaged) pupils was 100% expected (58% national).

Writing attainment for pupil premium (disadvantaged) pupils was 0% expected (national 63.1%).

Maths attainment for pupil premium (disadvantaged) pupils was 100% expected (national 63.2%).

Instrument of Governance. – Please see link here.

Sports Funding for Schools 20/21


The funding for 20/21 is nominally set at £16500.  Please see below:

  • Little Sports Coaching provide the pupils with tuition, after school activities and the staff with teaching resources for their continuing professional development to the sum of £7364. In addition, we have pooled with local schools to provide sports competitions to increase participation in sporting events (pre Covid arrangements). This is an annual cost of around £500.

  • Football A team CADSSA league (approx 15 matches);

  • Football B team CADSSA league (approx 9 matches);

  • Football A team BBSSA league (approx 6 matches);

  • Football B team BBSSA league (approx 6 matches);

  • Rugby A team CADSSA tournament (approx 5 matches);

  • Rugby B team CADSSA tournament (approx 5 mathces);

  • Rugby B team BBSSA tournament (approx 5 matches);

  • Netball A team CADSSA league and tournament (approx 12 matches);

  • Netball A team BBSSA tournament (approx 6 matches);

  • Cross Country CADSSA league (approx 5 events);

  • Cross Country BBSSA tournament (approx 2 events);

  • Volleyball BBSSA tournament (approx 5 matches);

  • Athletics CADSSA track and field event;

  • Athletics BBSSA track and field event;

  • Cricket CADSSA league (approx 6 matches);

  • Rounders CADSSA league (approx 6 matches);

  • Rounders BBSSA tournament (approx 3 matches);

  • Dance BBSSA competition;

  • Gymnastics CADSSA competition for Key Stage II.

Sports premium has allowed us to retain this level of sporting activity for this year and future years to come.

In addition:

  • the school provides professional coaching for Cricket, tennis, volleyball and basketball;

  • Every class with the exception of Reception receives a term’s worth of swimming lessons;

  • The school is effective at sport and it is our intention to continue this heritage;

  • PE is taught in school to national time requirements.

  • Playground Physical Activity Instructor – £4400

Further expenditure includes the following:

  • Resources for playgrounds – £1470

  • Outdoor adventurous activities – £1650

  • Educational resources for PE and similar – £530

  • Additional staffing – £2300

  • Additional PE coaching and CPD – £1100

The sum total spent in 20/21 from Sports Premium is £20,114 (includes the carry forward from last year).

Further Statutory Information

The percentage of children who can swim at least 25 metres in Year 6 is 90%
Use a range of strokes effectively: 90%
Perform safe self-rescue in the water: 18%