Ofsted Inspectors

Dear Ofsted Inspector(s),

The pages that will be found after this password relate to what we think you will need for your forthcoming inspection. This will include our SEF, SDP, Data analysis and other key documents.

Given that some of the information contained will be confidential, we need you to provide a password. Clearly there is no easy way to ensure that the password is sufficiently robust to avoid simple guesswork, but still allows you access without alerting our school to the visit. For this reason we have used information from our 2016 Inspectors Dashboard (17th Feb 2017) document.

The password can be found on page 2 (Key Stage II Reading Progress) and is made up of the first line of score, underneath the graph for the Disadvantaged Pupils.

2.504.77xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  where the x’s represent the full entries listed after the numbers listed here.

As an illustration, if we were to use the All Pupils score:

1.92-3.25xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx You would need to put in the following password    1.92-3.252.673.39


Now…Go to the Landing Page HERE.

Or copy and paste this address into your address bar – 


DfE Website requirement:

Please find below the DfE website requirements with links:

School contact details

Your school’s website must include:

  • your school’s name

  • your school’s postal address

  • your school’s telephone number

  • the name of the member of staff who deals with queries from parents and other members of the public

Admission arrangements

You must do one of the following:


Ofsted reports

You must do one of the following:


Key stage 2 (KS2) results

You must publish the following details from your school’s most recent KS2 results

Performance tables

You must include a link to the school and college performance tables.



You must publish:

Behaviour policy

You should publish details of your school’s behaviour policy.


Pupil premium

You must publish details of how your school spends its pupil premium funding and the effect this has had on the attainment of the pupils who attract the funding.

You must include:


PE and sport premium for primary schools

If your school receives PE and sport premium funding, you must publish details of how you spend this funding and the effect it has had on pupils’ PE and sport participation and attainment.

You must include:

Special educational needs (SEN) report

You must publish a report on your school’s policy for pupils with SEN.

Governors’ information and duties

You must publish information about your school’s governors,


Charging and remissions policies

You must publish your school’s charging and remissions policies.


Values and ethos

Your website should include a statement of your school’s ethos and values.


Requests for copies

If a parent requests a paper copy of the information on your school’s website, you must provide this free of charge.