Governor Impact
Autumn 19/20

Teaching and Learning

  • Interpreting internal assessment data for the whole school

  • Examining progress of pupils using internal assessment data

  • Overview of National results

Impact of Activity
  • Governors understand that pupils are well within national expectations but that those working at greater depth in writing is below that of reading and writing

  • Pupil progress is good

  • Headline figures demonstrate WAPS is well placed nationally, within the LA and locally.

Leadership and Management

  • Policy Review

  • Understanding the new Ofsted Framework

  • Keeping Children Safe in Education

  • Policies are up to date and current.

  • Governors are kept abreast of current practice and expectations.

  • Governors are aware of their duties with regard to KCSIE 2019

Finance, Premises and Health & Safety

  • Financial benchmarking with particular focus on staffing costs

  • Premises and H&S

  • The school compare favourably with other schools in the LA, like us and nationally with regard to staffing costs.

  • Staffing costs are average (as a percentage) for the area

  • The school’s income is about average for the area

  • The governors approved work on the following – repair to roof in KSI and repair to stairs in KSI.


  • Review Staffing Policy

  • Review of headteacher performance

  • Staffing policy and procedures in line with requirements.

  • Headteacher audited for practice. External auditor content with performance.

Link Governors

  • Agreed to wait for Spring ’20 to redistribute Link Governor roles after new recruits.