Reception Application Process 2022

The application process for a reception place for September 2021 will open on 01 November 2021. The easiest way for parents to apply is online.  Further information can be found on Staffordshire County Council's website. The closing date is 15 January 2022.

Apply here:


Please see below for a letter informing parents/carers about the process.

Also below is a copy of the co-ordinated scheme dates and Children’s Act letter for separated parents.

All links listed here were accurate at the time of publishing this information. 

Nursery including Out of School Club

Our Governor run, community nursery is available to all children from the age of two (the term after their third birthday for the government funding). To apply for a place please contact us (01782 394900 – Nursery) for a tour, pack and application form.

We provide out of school care for children up to 12. This comes as a breakfast club from 07.30 (only transfer to school); an after school club until 17.45 (only pickup from school) and a holiday club for half terms and holidays . Priority is given to children of the nursery or school but is open to other children. To apply for a place please contact us (01782 394900 – Nursery) for a tour, pack and application form.

Application form for Nursery, After School Club and School



The William Amory Primary School is for children aged 4 to 11. Admissions for those entering school for the first time are done via the Staffordshire County Council Admissions Service. Admissions after this are done via the school.
If you wish to transfer your child(ren) from another school, please contact us directly (01782 394900 – office) for a tour, pack and application form.


Choosing the right nursery or school.

We know how momentous the decision of which school to choose is. Are its standards high enough? Will it challenge enough or will it, perhaps, be too challenging? What’s the behaviour like? Do they do sports?

All these questions, and many more, make it very difficult to choose which is the school for you. And even more difficult if this is the first time you’ve come to this point.  Ofsted and league tables can help but they don’t answer every question – not by a long way.

We cannot stress the importance of visiting a school. This gives you a taste of the school – to get the feel and the atmosphere that no statistic can provide. We always welcome parents to come and visit the school, it only takes a phone call to arrange an appointment.

By visiting the classrooms and seeing how we get the children learning, we hope to answer all of those questions and perhaps a few more. You will experience our vision, our ideas and our ethos as you look around and all of this will, I am sure, give you a much clearer idea of what our school stands for.

We are very proud of our school and that we have a lot to offer. We hope that you will see this and want to be part of the family that is The William Amory Primary School. But more than that, if ours is not the environment that you wish for your child, then you can continue until your search in the knowledge that there will be a local school that will fit.

On top of this, please look at our school information on the website (such as OUR TEACHING and OUR PERFORMANCE AND OFSTED) to help you build up a picture of our school.

Statutory documentation

Our School follows the policy and procedures as laid out by Staffordshire County Council admissions. Please visit this page for more statutory information.