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Nursery and Out of School Club Invoices

Below you will find information about using our Nursery and Out of School Club. 

​Once you have received your bill(s) you will need to pay within 7 days. All payments must be paid online as we do not accept cash or cheque.

​To Pay

  • Visit Staffordshire’s website HERE (opens a new window).

  • The page should have the title ONLINE PAYMENTS.

  • Scroll down and click on THE WILLIAM AMORY NURSERY


  • Fill in ALL boxes with a * and continue to follow instructions.

Alternatively, if this doesn’t work (ie Staffordshire change the layout or URL details) follow the instructions below.

​1. visit
2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and select the link… Make a records office Staffordshire Past Track Nursery/Resource Centre, Trading Standards & ESOL/IT Payment
3. Select link for William Amory Nursery
4. Select link Childcare Fees
5. Enter the information requested and follow instructions.


We aim to invoice for the coming month. This should arrive by email. If it has not please could you check your spam/clutter folders are ask us to check we have the correct details. Your invoice will include the hours planned for the month ahead and any additional costs incurred from the month just gone.  These may come under the headings of “Extra Sessions” and/or “Products.”

Included will be the discount for government funded 15 hours or 30 hours.
Included will also be any discount for voucher schemes.

Please note that you may get two invoices if you use our Out of School Club as well as Nursery. This is because we are running them as two separate operations.

Voucher Schemes

We will accept any and all voucher schemes for childcare. Many are already set up so ask if you are wanting to participate in your workplace’s scheme. Please note that each scheme follows a different pathway. Some ask us to set up an account and you present the account information in your request. Others approach us once a parent has made a request. As you can imagine, this can take time to organise.

Nursery Admin Setup

We are using software to assist us with bookings, staffing and invoicing. You should have a set of log in details. Go here to look at your account.